What Is Digital Reporting?


A Digital Reporter ("DR") is a trained officiant who captures the verbatim record of a deposition orĀ other legal proceeding, via high quality digital audio equipment. As litigation continues to rise nationwide, and the technology used to capture testimony evolves, there is a tremendous need for Digital Reporters.

Individuals interested in becoming a digital reporter can enroll in the Veritext Partner Program and learn the profession of digital reporting through practical and hands-on exposure, as well as ongoing support.

Applicants will be accepted into the program by demonstrating experience through a Digital Reporting Assessment or by completing a pre-approved Digital Reporting Introduction course. Once experience has been verified, qualified participants can complete the program in approximately 50 hours over a two-to-four-week period (excluding Notary requirements). Digital reporting equipment will be required for program participation.

Upon successful completion of the program, a qualified Digital Reporter will have the opportunity to work as an independent contractor and take remote and in-person assignments. APPLY NOW!





Ensuring Legitimacy of the Record

  • Officiates the proceeding
  • Swears in witness
  • Captures verbatim testimony
  • Marks exhibits and performs read backs
  • Certifies capture of testimony

Testimonial Evidence Gathering

  • All evidence is supported by testimony
  • Depositions are proceedings where testimony is captured for the record
  • During a trial, witnesses cannot be called & evidence cannot be introduced unless it was legitimately captured.
  • Depositions take place whether a case goes to trial, settles before trial, or goes to arbitration.