What Is Digital Reporting?


A Digital Reporter ("DR") is a trained officiant who captures the verbatim record of a deposition or other legal proceeding, via high-quality digital audio equipment. As litigation continues to rise nationwide, and the technology used to capture testimony evolves, there is a tremendous need for Digital Reporters

The Veritext Digital Reporter team is made up of individuals drawn to the legal field and motivated to play a critical role in protecting the standards and maintaining the integrity of our litigation process. As independent contractors, our reporters are self-starters and manage their time, equipment, and knowledge base. Our DR Program provides a community of support and engagement for reporters old and new.

Individuals interested in working as a digital reporter can submit their application on our Apply page following one of two paths. The experienced reporter will put their skills to work rapidly as they are introduced immediately to their local office. The freshman reporter will first obtain the beginning experience they will need and join a local office thereafter.



Ensuring Legitimacy of the Record

  • Officiates the proceeding
  • Swears in witness
  • Captures verbatim testimony
  • Marks exhibits and performs read backs
  • Certifies capture of testimony

Testimonial Evidence Gathering

  • All evidence is supported by testimony
  • Depositions are proceedings where testimony is captured for the record
  • During a trial, witnesses cannot be called & evidence cannot be introduced unless it was legitimately captured.
  • Depositions take place whether a case goes to trial, settles before trial, or goes to arbitration.