The Program



Apply for the Veritext Partner Program and receive an introduction to the profession through practical and hands-on exposure, as well as ongoing support. The program is at no cost to qualified participants and can be completed in approximately 50 hours over a two week period (excluding Notary requirements).

Upon successful completion of the program, a qualified Digital Reporter will have the opportunity to work as an independent contractor and take remote and in-person assignments.  APPLY NOW!

During the program, applicants will receive a comprehensive
introduction to and education around the following:

  • The US Litigation Process
  • The Digital Process
  • The Role of the Digital Reporter
  • Hardware & Software Requirements & Recommendations
  • Digital Recording Capture/Annotation Software
  • Procedures For Being A Digital Reporter
  • Various Forms Used During Proceedings
  • Post-Proceeding Procedures
  • Common Litigation Terms
  • Medial Naming Conventions
  • And More!

  • High School or GED required
  • English speaking, reading & writing fluency required
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Strong sense of discretion
  • Professional, punctual and presentable
  • Notary license
  • DR Equipment (PC laptop, recording equipment, etc.) – Apply Now to Learn More!
  • Confidence to facilitate a legal proceeding 
  • Confidence to swear in a witness 
  • Able to effectively prioritize and meet deadlines
  • Typing speed of at least 40 wpm with a high rate of accuracy
  • Proficient with technology